Plenty has happened since our last update in November and there’s plenty on the horizon. Here’s a quick overview:

1. Save the date: Next co-working session for the Imagination Circle – Thursday 8 March

Our next co-working session is set for Thursday 8 March. Focus areas: building knowledge around imagination practice in our education systems, populating an imagination resource base, designing the life and work of the Imagination Circle, and planning the next IMAGI-NATION {TV} special.

We’re again planning for two work sessions at 10am and 4pm CET to include as many time zones as possible. Please keep an eye on your inbox for your invitation.

2. Imagination at the LearningPlanet Festival – 25 to 28 January

We hosted four IMAGI-NATION {TV} specials during the Festival. What a joy and an honour to listen to, learn from, exchange with people of all ages, backgrounds and places, all putting imagination into action towards a healthier, kinder, more just and joyful world.

If you didn’t get to follow live or if you’d like to share with your networks, you can find all the shows here. Highlights reels coming soon. We’d love to hear any thoughts or questions you’d like to bring to these conversations so we can continue the threads and give them space to grow.

3. Imagination Circle on climate action – 1 December

We had youth activists, school students, a teacher, a financial advisor and a campaigner join us for this rich conversation on imagination and climate action. We also had a compostable hoodie made of seaweed make an appearance 🙂 

Here’s the link in case you missed the episode or want to share it. And again, we’d love to hear the ideas you’d like to bring to this conversation.

4. What’s happening in your world of imagination?

What’s firing your imagination right now? A book, a talk, a film, an article, a project, or an idea that you’d like to share about? Please do! On that note, AIME will be at the Humankind festival taking place in Sydney from 16 to 18 March. Jack will be giving a keynote on The Potential of Imagination and the AIME team will be hosting an immersive IMAGI-NATION {Factory} experience with music, dance, robots, puppets, a story hoodie, all kinds of imagination exercises and very many unlikely connections. All those who can be in Sydney at that time, please join us.

5. Tell a friend

Do you know someone working with imagination who could be an addition to the Circle? Here’s a form for them to register their interest and we’ll schedule a conversation with them. (If you haven’t already, please feel free to fill in this form too. It would be great to have your thoughts on the questions.) Engagement can be as part of a committed core group who drives the work of the Circle, as a contributor to a particular knowledge thread, or as a one-off interaction, for example:

  • A blog contribution.
  • A written piece for IMAGI-zine.
  • Being a panelist on IMAGI-NATION {TV}.
  • A short talk at a co-working session on ideas or actions around imagination practice in education.

We’re keen to hear from you all and to spend time with those who can join us on 8 March. All questions, comments and suggestions are very welcome.

As a reminder: what is the Circle?

The Circle brings together people exploring and testing imagination programmes, workshops and curriculums inside formal and informal education systems.

Its goal over the next 10 years is to showcase imagination practice in the transformation of education, understand the impact of imagination in classrooms, and build a global knowledge base of imagination in pedagogy.