YouthxYouth Annual Learning Festival

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Organisé par YouthxYouth

In this third iteration of YouthxYouth's Annual Learning Festival for youth education activists, we continue to deepen our collective inquiry with the question: “Now what? What do we need to know, be, and do, to create the world of our deepest longing?” To learn more about previous years, see our website and resources coming out of our last Learning Festival.

The 3-day Learning Festival will follow the methodology “What is ==≥ What if ==≥ What now”:
Day 1 – WHAT IS: Deepening our understanding to enable transformation – On this day, we will explore other ways of knowing and other ways of learning.
Day 2 – WHAT IF: Expanding ourselves from ego to eco – On this day, we will explore other ways of being and other ways of living.
Day 3 – WHAT NOW: Connecting our efforts towards global youth solidarity – On this day, we will explore other ways of doing and other ways of communicating.

Jan 27 au Jan 29, 2023

De 12:00 à 20:00 - UTC

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