Turning off autopilot – How to regain control of my own life (Logosophy)

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Organisé par Logosophy Institution


Am I aware of what happens in my mind during the day?
Do I do things without understanding why I did them?
Is it really possible to control what I think?

In this webinar, we will talk about the everyday distractions and how they interfere with our process of thinking. We will share some practical examples of how Logosophy has helped us to gain more control over the internal movements of our thoughts. And connect every day issues of thoughts and distraction with the fundamental questions of who we really are.


Logosophy is a science that offers tools to develop, evolve and collaborate in the transformation of the world.

Its study and practice lead to self-knowledge through:

– Accomplishing the process of conscious evolution.
– Integrating individual conscience.
– Organisating and perfecting the mental and sensitive systems.


For more information, send us an email on [email protected]

Register for free via the link https://bit.ly/TurningOffAutopilot

Jan 26, 2023

De 21:15 à 22:15 - UTC

Événement en ligne


Simon Sharp

Researcher of Logosophical Science, European Association of Logosophy

Simon Sharp

Mariana Pacheco

European Association of Logosophy, European Association of Logosophy

Mariana Pacheco

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