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How can art be used as a tool to transform our climate crisis? “Turn It Around! Flashcards for Education Futures” is a global creative tool that works to communicate the environmental visions of youth with policymakers and educators.

This tool consists of a deck of cards, where each card has a piece of artwork and writing depicting how youth feel about this climate crisis and the visions they have for healing it. This ongoing movement is gathering artwork and writing from youth throughout the world to share the visions of youth with world leaders at global conferences, including the United Nations COP27.

This workshop is intended to show educators and student leaders how to use these cards and empower youth to create their own pieces of art and writing to contribute to the global card deck collection and communicate with world leaders what changes youth hope to see from environmental policy and education. The workshop will explore ways people c

Jan 24, 2023

De 17:30 à 18:30 - UTC

Événement en ligne


Dilraba Anayatova

PhD. candidate and research assistant, Arizona State University - Marie Lou Fulton Teachers College

Dilraba Anayatova

Objectifs de développement durable

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