Three different approaches to individual agency, that culminate into collective empowerment?

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Have you ever dreamt of a world where individuals are agents and responsible for their living environment? where capacity is shared, where there is solidarity between one another? where dreams happen, are a reality;
My dream is the following – and I would like to bring these three approaches together to understand better how to achieve it.

SALT is the DNA of the Constellation, an association co-founded by Jean-Louis in 2004. Because SALT practioners choose to appreciate strength over the analysis of shortcomings, their approach, stimulates community ownership and action in more than fifty countries.

Les Hyper Voisins is an initiative that lives in the 14th arrondissement of Paris. Together through events and about 45 different Whatsapp it brings together 1500 members of the 14th arrondissement to share and harness mutuality and conviviality. It was initiated and led by Patrick Bernard in 2016.

The citizen science approach is a widespread community, research based approach across the world. It is embedded as a scientific method of inquiry by engaging non professionally trained scientists. I currently work in this field with Muki Haklay, a professor at at University College London and project leader for two open science/citizen science EU funded projects at

Jan 23, 2024

De 14:30 à 15:45 - UTC

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