The Importance of Youth Health : KnowYourHealth Initiative

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Organisé par KnowYourHealth

The KnowYourHealth platform aims to work within the economics and health industry for a better collective future. At KnowYourHealth, we insight our readers into the up to date news about healthcare and give our perception on matters and propositions. We believe that voices of youth, especially in the area of youth health, are not sufficiently amplified to influence the future of healthcare in policymaking, capital allocation and education.

This is a multi-faceted event, where we outline the importance of youth health, as well as think about the ways in which global health issues can be challenged. We believe youth health is integral to youth development. Acknowledging all the health disparities there are within the world, we want to suppress these discrepancies and lead the world into a better, healthier place. We strongly believe this can be achieved.

KnowYourHealth was founded by Fredrick Kasindi, a Youth Council member at Learning Planet Alliance.

Jan 27, 2023

De 19:00 à 20:00 - UTC

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