Systemic Replication of Our Best Social Innovations

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  • LP Assembly

Organisé par Céliane De Luca

How to accelerate positive change at scale and empower others to do so without reinventing the wheel? Players that embrace replication bring scalable solutions with high societal impact to the general public in order to enable replication as widely as possible. Replication appears to be one of our strongest levers of change in the face of our urgent social and environmental issues: let’s replicate what already works and learn from those who have already done it!

The session will focus on:
– Why it is important to spread initiatives that are already working at scale
– Decentralised swarming to spread solutions: how to invent organisations that spread impact by giving others the ability to do the same
– The mindset to embody: letting go, collaboration, trust and impact (vs. ego and control)
– Implementation challenges: distribution and decentralisation of asset and intellectual property, mindset change vs resistance to change, contextualisation of innovations, financing of replication

Jan 26, 2023

De 15:00 à 16:30 - UTC

Événement en ligne


Runa Khan

Founder and Executive Director, Friendship

Runa Khan

Cable Green

Director of Open Knowledge, Creative Commons

Cable Green

Zach Brehmer

World Development Fund Manager, The Waterloo Foundation

Zach Brehmer

Objectifs de développement durable

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