Old-School: The Skills That Made Us, And How They’re Changing

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Organisé par Varkey Foundation

From the Varkey Foundation, Old-School: The Skills That Made Us and How They’re Changing is a new podcast that explores how teachers are reinventing traditional vocational skills for the modern age.

Old-School talks to teachers and students around the world who are using the hard skills commonly used for engineering, farming and other traditional vocations in new ways. Join us at the LearningPlanet Festival this January for a special live recording of Old-School, with special guest Global Teacher Prize Maggie MacDonnell, as we hear about how Indigenous Peoples in the Canadian Artic are using traditional skills like kayaking to empower communities which are facing severe socio-economic challenges and help overcome significant barriers to education. Find out how these skills have been passed down across the generations, how they’ve changed, and why they’re still so important today.

Meeting ID: 841 9635 0074

Passcode: 478489

Jan 24, 2023

De 14:00 à 15:00 - UTC

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