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Organisé par ImaginAction Mentoring

Welcome to a transformative and enriching 4-day quest, “Making Connections: Mentor Matching Challenge,” guided by seasoned theatre professionals Uri Noy Meir and David J Diamond. Together, we embark on a journey that transcends boundaries, seeking to forge meaningful mentor/mentee connections that will shape the future of mentorship in the theatre arts.

Join us if you wish to:

-Discover insights from our journey to activate mentoring in a global learning community.
-Imagine a platform for artists and non to find each other to foster mutually beneficial relationships.
-Engage in mentor pairing to support network building, knowledge exchange, and social change impact.

Who Should Attend:

-Emerging artists seeking mentorship and guidance in the arts.
-Established professionals are interested in becoming mentors and sharing their knowledge.
-Festival participants with a keen interest in fostering supportive relationships for artistic and career development.

Uri Noy Meir and David J Diamond bring their expertise as facilitators in ImaginAction’s Global Mentoring Program and Founder of Transformational Career Coaching for Theatre Artists, respectively.

Jan 23 au Jan 26, 2024

De 15:00 à 17:00 - UTC

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