LtL Professional Accreditation in School Grounds Design or Outdoor Learning and Play (Belgium 2024)

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Organisé par BLES

The Learning through Landscapes Professional Accreditation course has operated for over 25 years in the UK. In 2024 we are proud to partner with Buiten Leren en Spelen (BLES- Belgium) and Instituut voor Natuureducatie (IVN – NL) in Ghent, Belgium, to deliver a European wide Accreditation course.

As well as the course content, this programme will lay the foundations for ongoing support and networking across Europe around greening school grounds and outdoor learning.

Who Is This Course For?

This programme is for professionals in design or education who lead, support, advise or train others in around design of school grounds, or outdoor learning and play. This may be in a private business, NGO, a freelance or private business, local or national government.

We expect candidates to have at least two years of related experience and a relevant professional qualification in the route they choose. This will be across at least two projects or programmes and likely include consultancy level work, or aiming to deliver advice and input as a consultant. Sharing of experience between the group is a key element of the training.

De 04:25 à 04:25 - UTC

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