Learning about the Climate Change-Colonialism Nexus Through Emotions, Theatre and Imagination

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  • LearningPlanet Festival

Organisé par One Resilient Earth

In June 2023, the United Nations Climate Change secretariat invited One Resilient Earth to facilitate a one-day skill-development session for 50 young climate activists and climate advocates, on the topic of ‘Facing Colonialism at the Roots of Climate Change to Envision Decolonized Futures and Rethink Climate Action.’ This workshop was part of the Action for Climate Empowerment initiative of the United Nations Climate Change secretariat.

Bringing together 25 young people from Germany with 25 young people from Asia, Africa, Oceania and Latin America, the workshop was co-led by Marion Atieno Osieyo (Black Earth Podcast), Komi Togbonou (Deutsches Theatre Berlin), Alois Reinhard (Theatre Bonn), and Laureline Simon (One Resilient Earth). It opened a space to explore the interrelations between climate change and colonialism, not only conceptually, but also through deep-listening circles, theatre-based practices, and imagination-boosting exercises.

During the Learning Planet Festival, Komi Togbonou and Laureline Simon will share the approach, methods, and outcomes of this intense and experimental learning experience, before opening up to questions from the audience. Whether you have been working on issues of climate justice and decolonization for long or are new to this topic, you are welcome to join and reflect with us.

Jan 26, 2024

De 14:00 à 15:00 - UTC

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Laureline Simon

Founder and Executive Director, One Resilient Earth, One Resilient Earth

Laureline Simon

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