Justice for Africa: Youth & Student-led Movement demanding #EducationForAll

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Since 2015 the global economy has grown by over $12 trillion, but in the same time tens of millions more African children have been forced out of education and forced into child labour.
Justice for Africa, a new global campaign led by African young people and students, is demanding an end to this huge rise in the violation of children’s and young people’s rights on the continent, especially to free, public, quality education. Joined in solidarity by their peers across the world, thousands of students and young people in 30+ countries have already taken action since the campaign launched in February 2023.
This interactive, inspiring session will hear directly from youth and student activists leading national and global efforts to demand Justice for Africa. In conversation with each other, they will expose the modern injustices on tax, debt and discriminatory global policy-making that are undermining the right to education in Africa, as well as explaining their own personal motivations for taking action to defend #EducationForAll.
Young leaders will also highlight why 2024 is a critical year of opportunity to advance Justice for Africa, seek ideas and input from audience members and issue an open call to action

Jan 24, 2024

De 14:00 à 15:30 - UTC

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Kelvin Nsekwila

Founder & Executive Director, Tusekwile Imiti Ikula Foundation

Kelvin Nsekwila

Kate Mallory

Policy Lead, Justice for Africa Campaign: North America

Kate Mallory

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