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Imagination Circle Monthly Gathering – Sparking Education Research project

Imagination Circle

Once a month, on the second Wednesday, the Imagination Circle comes together to share thoughts, questions, ideas, resources, opportunities and energy around imagination for transforming education.

In this session: 

1. Research spotlight: Sparking Imagination Education, Australia

How can schools can provide innovations in imagination education to address educational inequality? And can we build an imagination education framework for schools?

Dr Anthony McKnight from the University of Wollongong will share an overview of the Sparking Imagination Education research project that’s just kicking off in Australia. The research will look at Indigenous cultural imagination practices and how they can inform design of an Imagination Education Pedagogic Framework for schools in Australia. It will help build the knowledge base of the Imagination Circle.

2. Imagination recipe co-creation

To be out of one’s mind, off one’s rocker, and over the moon with imagination is the best thing that could happen to anyone anywhere!” – Professor Hope, IMAGI-NATION {University}.

Professor Hope’s Imagination Cookbook shares 14 ‘basics’ for cooking up imagination. What other ingredients would go into an imagination cookbook created by the Imagination Circle community? 50 ingredients, 100, more?

Here’s the challenge: we don’t just list ingredients; we follow Professor Hope’s example and give guidance on what makes each ingredient important for imagination and how to use it to bring imagination to life. Let’s get cooking!

Some things to think about

  • What’s firing your imagination right now? A book, a talk, a film, an article, a project or an idea that you’d like to share about.
  • Someone working with imagination who you’d love to see in the Circle? Here’s a form for them to express their interest. (If you haven’t already, please feel free to fill in the form too.)

Wed, June 14, 2023

11:00 CET, UTC+1h


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