GreenFutures: Bridging Communities with Sustainable Finance

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Organisé par learning planet youth

Join us for "GreenFutures: Bridging Communities with Sustainable Finance," where we'll explore the pivotal role of climate finance in funding sustainable projects.

The event will examine the key global developments from COP28 in sustainable finance, offering insights into the latest trends shaping the field. Three youth delegates to the Conference of Parties 28 hosted in Dubai will share their experiences.

Gain an exclusive look into the innovative "GreenFutures" project, understanding its contribution to creating a resilient and eco-friendly future through sustainable finance. The project aims to safeguard our prosperity against future threats and improve it by focusing on sustainable financing and infrastructure investment.

Connect with like-minded individuals, professionals, and organizations to collectively drive positive environmental change and contribute to meaningful discussions on the importance of sustainable finance!

Jan 27, 2024

De 00:00 à 01:00 - UTC

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