From Coercion to Consent – transformation to the new education paradigm

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It’s time to leave coercive systems of education behind, and to move into a new paradigm that embraces learner consent, self-direction, integrity and authenticity.

It’s time we grew and learned in environments and communities that listen, where we can partner and collaborate in our learning and doing, and that encourage curiosity, criticality and creativity. Where we can be in relationships that explore and affirm our own unique ways of being, and that help us to learn healthy relationships skills such as understanding boundaries, conflict navigation, consent, and healthy open and honest communication.

Let’s decolonise and restore balance to ourselves and our world together, by stepping out of patterns and cycles that perpetuate power-over, coercive education environments, and instead create new, consent-based cultures and spaces to grow in.

Join this interactive, 2 hour online (Zoom) talk and workshop with Sophie Christophy, UK based founder and co-facilitator of consent-based, self-directed learning communities the Cabin and the Lodge, and director of the soon to launch Centre for Consent-Based Education. Leave with your next best step forward for change.

Jan 21, 2024

De 19:00 à 21:00 - UTC

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