Decolonization of learning & decision-making systems: Global South & Indigenous perspective

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  • Future Forum

This panel will explore the decolonization of learning & decision-making models, offering perspectives from the Global South and indigenous communities. Panelists will explore non-Western traditions in human development, particularly in Africa, Latin America, South Asia, and other regions, and discuss how these traditions can be in service of the next stage of societal evolution. We will discuss the ongoing journey of returning to cultural roots and the invaluable lessons we can draw from indigenous practices, especially in nurturing a fresh mindset and empowering youth.

How can learning & decision-making system be “decolonized”, and how non-Western practices be amplified? What is the potential of redefining learning & decision-making models taking needs and values of indigenous and non-Western societies into consideration?

Oct 20, 2023

De 16:30 à 17:30 - UTC

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