Critical Transitions in Higher Education for Planetary Health

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  • LearningPlanet Festival

Organisé par Céliane De Luca

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As centres of learning, innovation, and problem-solving, universities have a unique position and responsibility to respond to existential crises, such as the fundamental threats to the health of our planet. While they are in an outstanding position to design solutions for a sustainable, regenerative and healthy planet, they are often limited in their capacity to do so.

For planetary health to be achieved, we need to transform the way we behave in this world, requiring a change in every aspect of our life, none more so than in our technologies, organisations, social behaviours, beliefs and values that underpin the current system.

Universities are THE ideal places to co-create new knowledge, to inspire young generations to equip us for the future and to adapt to critical transitions towards a healthy, sustainable planet. We need evidence-based knowledge created by students, researchers and teachers to tackle, and propose alternatives. 

Join our inspirations-driven open session at LearningPlanet Festival 2023! 

Hear ‘inspirations’ sourced from members of the Circle across three critical areas for universities:

  1. transforming teaching, research and operations, 
  2. engaging with local communities, and 
  3. leveraging student voices.  

This is hosted by the Transitions in Higher Education circle, bringing 20+ organisations together to collect their key insights, questions and recommendations for the transitions of Higher Education, across sustainability, interdisciplinarity, civic engagement and more.

Discover our article calling for Critical Transitions in Higher Education for Planetary Health here 

Jan 25, 2023

De 17:00 à 18:30 - UTC

Événement en ligne


Rachel Sandison

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (External Engagement) at the University of Glasgow, University of Glasgow

Rachel Sandison

Prof. Brian MacCraith

Senior Advisor to the President, Arizona State University (ASU), Arizona State University

Prof. Brian MacCraith

Alan Boldon

Chief Executive Officer, Dartington Hall Trust, Dartington Hall Trust

Alan Boldon

Dr. Minu Ipe

Managing Director and Vice Chair of the University Design Institute (UDI) at Arizona State University, Arizona State University

Dr. Minu Ipe

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