Climate Change Stories to Safeguard the Future

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Stories are leverage points for change. The stories we currently live by are proving to be destructive. We need more sustainable and just stories-to-live-by. Our approach to changing hearts, minds and systems is to: 1.) develop greater reflexivity about how stories operate; 2.) point to problems in old stories and mindsets; 3.) highlight the power of new stories and mindsets; and 4.) forge solidarities among active change agents and people who embrace the new stories.

Leading to COP28 in Dubai, two interactive workshops were organized by the VU Distinguished Fellow of the Anthropocene at VU Amsterdam, resulting in 22 stories. The 22 stories in this collection, ‘Dear World Leaders: Many people are blind to the climate crisis’- Climate Change Stories for COP28 Decision Makers, convey urgent messages unified by a common theme: the need for climate action now. Stories range from fictional encounters to non-fictional letters, travel reports, infographics, and cartoons. The stories have been published in the Green Pavilion of IUCN during COP28 and have been taken up in their catalogue. See for the release https://vu.nl/cop28

Our workshop will: create stories via starting activities, share each other’s stories in story circles, and public

Jan 25, 2024

De 13:00 à 16:00 - UTC

Événement hybride

Learning Planet Institute (ex Centre de recherches interdisciplinaires (CRI))

8 bis Rue Charles V
75004 Paris
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Sjoerd Kluiving

Associate Professor Geoarchaeology & Anthropocene Studies, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Sjoerd Kluiving

Mark Baildon

Associate Professor Foundations of Education, United Arab Emirates University

Mark Baildon


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