Change is the Only Constant: Schools, AI and Curriculum Design

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Organisé par Le Sallay Academy

We are delighted to bring back Le Sallay Podcasts! In the upcoming live episode, our own Head of STEM Nika Koroleva (Oksenchuk) and Anna Lager, an expert in education development and research at Omnia Education Partnerships (Finland) will discuss the present and the future of education trends.

Anna Lager has 10 years of teaching experience and in her current role focuses on developing study materials, mapping national educational programs and researching new approaches to curriculum design. Nika Koroleva is a science teacher, developer of virtual science labs and an education innovator.

Anna and Nika will discuss the key education trends that influence the ways schools structure their programs. Why does education lag behind other sectors when it comes to disruptive innovation? How does one define and set goals for the education process? How should school curriculums meet the increasing demand for diverse learning outcomes? How to make the best use of AI in teaching and learning?

Join us on Facebook Live, on July 5, at 19:30 CEST and get first hand expert opinions from Anna and Nika!

Jul 05, 2023

De 18:30 à 19:00 - UTC

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Anna Lager

Expert in education development and research, Omnia Education Partnerships

Anna Lager

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