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This dynamic 90-minute forum presents a DAOlogue where, along with the audience, we delve into the complex role of inside/outside conflict, in nature and society–exploring its potential to be both a source of destruction and impetus for transformation. Is conflict an inevitable engine of societal transformation that must be embraced? Or can we transform, transmute, and transcend patterns of conflict to better align with broader evolutionary patterns of coherence?

Journey with us on:
• The Spectrum of Conflict: Moving beyond simplistic good/bad binaries, we’ll inquire into its nuanced spectrum, from disagreements propelling positive change to those breeding destructive outcomes.
• Evolutionary Lessons: What can we learn from nature’s playbook? Does conflict really drive competition and adaptation in our biological world? Can conflict be constructive in social evolution, fostering innovation and societal progress?
• Personal and Societal Applications: Add your voice and listen deeply into shared personal and global perspectives on how conflict shapes our lives and collective future.
• Co-Creating a Path Forward with the Beyond-Human: How do we move toward a more thrivable, harmonious world for all? What’s emerging in conflict management, dissolution, avoidance, and transcendence techniques? Communication methodologies? Future-oriented approaches to navigate the inevitable challenges of the future?

Jan 25, 2024

De 18:00 à 19:30 - UTC

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Chantal Garneau

Municipal Councillor, Environmental Advocate, Meditation Artist, Town of Halton Hills

Chantal Garneau


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