An Education Reimagined: How Students in Rural Vietnam rewrite their own “Chalk Road”

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Organisé par Chalk Road Initiative

Chalk is my lifelong frenemy — it flew at me right the moment 6-year-old me lost focus, yet etched the first strokes of knowledge on the green whiteboard. I was nurtured well in that chalk-dusted air, but not all were.

School children in my homeland at the borders of Cambodia and Vietnam are constantly trapped in early marriages that cut short their future. Hence Chalk Road, a project committed to fostering a holistic and sustainable education for mountainous regions of Vietnam, springs forth.

With tailored workshops from dance to cybersecurity and study paths, we empower students to take ownership of their futures by developing lifelong personal values and skills. From scratch, Chalk Road accumulated $5000 worth of donations, two return trips to Phu Tho, 30 workshops in exchange for curious minds, revitalised self-esteem, and local official’s commendation.

Our event will offer insights into a global case study of rural education and the true “Chalk Road” from the eyes of students in Phu Tho. We will feature speakers from the founder of Chalk Road and a representative from Nord Anglia Education, from which a $9000 grant was awarded.

Join us to tune into our first-hand experiences, failed steps, and hard-earned lessons!

Jan 24, 2024

De 15:00 à 16:00 - UTC

Événement hybride

Learning Planet Institute (ex Centre de recherches interdisciplinaires (CRI))

8 bis Rue Charles V
75004 Paris
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