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Since 1968, an annual country-wide community gathering called Almedalen Week has been held in Sweden. It’s a central feature of Swedish social and political life, with opportunities for industry, government, and academia to weigh in on proposals from all seven major Swedish political parties.
We would like to introduce you to a new project: AlmedalenAZ, which seeks to leverage the format and experience of Sweden’s Almedalen and refashion it to address critical challenges of the state of Arizona, bringing its youth actively into the process. This year, we’ll focus on three Sustainable Development Goals: Zero Hunger (#2), Quality Education (#4), and Clean Water and Sanitation (#6).
At the Learning Planet Festival, we’ll bring you into the conversation! In this workshop, we’ll go through a two-stage process: first, participants identify a second set of SDGs to act as mediating components for achieving our core three; second, we’ll use the selected SDGs to identify action ideas and transform them into themes that will inform the conversation at the in-person AlmedalenAZ event this November. This process is an example of how and what we wish to accomplish at AlmedalenAZ, which participants will be able to put to future use.


Jan 25, 2024

De 15:00 à 15:45 - UTC

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