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Greetings, Change-Makers!

You all are warmly welcome to participate in 'A Walk to Freedom' free international summit organized by 'Bit of Queen' International Organization! This international team works towards contributing in making a more humanitarian and child-friendly world.

If you are passionate about working on equal rights of people irrespective of their race and gender, and want to enhance your knowledge and skill about taking effective actions on racism, people's freedom and also gender discrimination, you are welcome to take part in this free summit.

'A Walk to Freedom' Summit will go as a tribute to Nelson Mandela's birthday. We will discuss people's freedom and youth actions on it. We will have international guest speakers, discussion and also interactive activity sessions during the summit. Everyone will receive a participation certificate.

Platform: Zoom

Date: 15 July, 2023

Age Limit: 13 and above

Perks of joining:

– Winners' Certificates for Activity Session +
Participation Certificates
– Participating in Discussion and Activity Session
-Having Guest Speakers from around the world
– Enhancing your global connection and more!
This world needs youths like us. So, don't hesitate to take this small step to make a change!

Team 'Bit of Queen'

Jul 15, 2023

De 12:30 à 16:00 - UTC

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