These are some tools from our resident climate activist, Miya Manu Abraham (Redfrog), as well as some from the LearningPlanet team. We hope that they can be useful in your toolkit as a climate activist, whether you’re new to learning about climate change or already have a few of your own tools.

This list is organised from the least to the most time-intensive tools, to make your life easier (it’s hard enough already)

Feel free to share widely! 


  1. Building a Justice-Led Circular Economy: With Liz Ricketts, co-founder of The Or Foundation, a USA and Ghana-based non-profit working at the intersection of environmental justice, education and fashion development
  2. Climate Change for Beginners: An Extinction Rebellion podcast with Dr. CiarĂĄn O’Carrol 
  3. How They Made Us Doubt Everything: A BBC Four podcast about how the world’s most powerful people made us doubt climate change
  4. Ologies: It is an excellent podcast that talks about so many things and has some really cool episodes about Biodiversity and specific science streams
  5. TILClimate: From MIT, breaks down climate change science from super “sciency” to “easy peasy lemon squeezy”


We also want to introduce some climate enthusiasts beyond the mainstream that do amazing work!

  1. Joshua Belayan – Joshua is from Brunei and does amazing work within and outside of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
  2. Lucie Boutez – LearningPlanet Youth Fellow, and amazing climate activist in France
  3. MaĂ«l CriniĂšre – climate activist + Learning Planet Institute BachelorAct student
  4. Georgia Elliott-Smith – Georgia opposed Coca Cola’s partnerships in COP27, and actively calls out greenwashing everywhere
  5. Peter Kalmus – Scientist and activist, very active on Twitter/X (@CLIMATEHUMAN)
  6. Roxy Mathew Koll – Roxy is a Climate Scientist and Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) author and the first scientist who spoke about climate change in Kerala 
  7. Valentine Montazel – Valentine is a French climate activist, who does a lot of impactful work, including climate fresks (short workshops on climate change)
  8. Nyombi Morris – Nyombi talks about everything climate change in the Global South
  9. Dinh-Long Pham – Climate education is his speciality, and he has created and facilitated workshops for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs #13, 14 + 15) for more than 10,000 in the Asia-Pacific. 
  10. Verel Rodrigues – Verel is a champion for calling out people when climate lies crop up
  11. Kittikun Saksung – The go-to person for biodiversity activism
  12. Todd Smith – Todd is a former airline pilot who does a lot of talks about climate justice and workers rights
  13. Yee Siang (Ashley) Yong – Ashley is a climate activist, focused on sustainable development and humanitarian assistance


  1. Climate Illustrated : Combining Climate change and art into artivism projects 
  2. Climate Karma/Padmini: Global south and climate justice-centred
  3. Earth Charter: A foundation that encourages respect and care for the community of life with efforts to build a sustainable global society
  4. Good On You: An organisation and newsletter focused on seeing through the greenwashing to rate and share ethical and sustainable clothing and lifestyle products
  5. Fashion Revolution: started #whomademyclothes movement
  6. Impact: Instagram page that covers almost everything on climate education
  7. Look_down_action + Anti-deep sea mining toolkit: packed with resources to help fight against ocean exploitation
  8. Movers Programme: 10,000 strong are part of this movement, please check out Youth Co Lab from UNDP as well. It has youth stories about entrepreneurship and SDGs. This workshop from the Movers Workshops is a great tool to start out! 
  9. One Resilient Earth: combines climate action with decolonisation, mental health emotions and youth empowerment; really acknowledges the “loss and grief and community” element of climate and is a partners of the LearningPlanet Alliance
  10. Reclaim Climate Language: A good pool of resources. 
  11. Slow Factory: focused on systematic change and collective action and liberation
  12. YECAP: Asia-Pacific events on climate change


  1. DW Environment and Nature series: In-depth reporting on environmental and natural phenomena around the globe
  2. LearningPlanet’s Earth Month playlist: From the LearningPlanet YouTube archives, collection of new and old videos dedicated to celebrating and educating on Earth Month, with tips, stories, and science
  3. Our Changing Climate: Analysis of environmental issues through well-researched videos, focusing on solutions and systemic change
  4. Simon Clark: For insightful hot takes on climate topics, using his academic background in atmospheric physics to explain complex concepts


  1. Anything by David Attenborough 💖
  2. My Octopus Teacher: The story of a filmmaker in Cape Town, South Africa who meets and grows attached to an octopus, which teaches him about the importance of conservation and life below and above the sea
  3. Seaspiracy: Critically examines the global fishing industry, highlighting its impact on marine life and advocating for ocean conservation


  1. Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer – climate activism through food and Jonathan’s personal journey to understanding his impact
  2. How Bad Are Bananas? by Mike Berners-Lee – a look at the carbon footprint of everything, from sending an email to private jets
  3. Less Is More: How Degrowth Will Save the World by Jason Hickel – an all-time favourite