Inspired by the French “Fête de la Musique”, the #LEARNINGPLANETFESTIVAL is a global, open and bottom-up movement of diverse individual stakeholders (youth, educators, etc.) and organisations (schools, NGOs, companies, etc.) willing to celebrate learning in all its dimensions, especially meaningful learning experiences allowing to take care of oneself, others and the planet. By synchronising the world around International Day of Education (January 24), the Festival offers an annual opportunity to federate all driving forces in the fields of learning and sustainable development, to showcase exemplary initiatives, to share ideas and create many opportunities to connect with and contribute to local projects following the event itself.

While 2020 is the first edition of the #LP Festival and that only little communication was made yet, mainly through word-of-mouth, there were already numerous pioneers – individuals, associations, schools, cities, etc. – taking the lead and organising local events across France and many other countries. Let’s celebrate the incredible work they have already accomplished!

We are now preparing a series of toolkits and digital solutions co-designed with the #LEARNINGPLANET community to help create future events and share all needed information (online map and agenda of activities, registration tools, blogs, etc.) so thousands of Festivals may be more harmoniously organised and reached out to the world.

1. Shortlist of 2020 #LP Festivals in France :

Selected events around Paris :

· Cercle APE, headquarters of France Education International, Sèvres – Festival de l’Apprendre – 25 Jan 2020.

· CRI, Paris, Edu Game Jam – 23-25 Jan 2020 – in partnership notably with CANOPE, PLAYBAC & Startup for Kids.

· ChangeNOW Summit, Grand Palais – 30-31 Jan 2020. ChangeNOW and #LEARNINGPLANET have agreed to join forces!

· Nanterre, elementary school Honoré de Balzac, 24 Jan 2020.

· Also an art expo organised by the MAIF Social Club, Paris & an internal workshop organised by SNCF Mass Transit Academy.

Selected events across other regions in France :

· Maison de l’Apprendre & CRI, Lyon – 20-31 jan 2020

· Caen, Le Dôme fête l’Apprendre – 24 jan 2020

· Chablis, Collège Pierre et Jean Lerouge – 24 jan 2020

· Pau, Ville de Pau – 24 janvier 2020

· Rennes, Cluster EdTech Grand Ouest – 24 janvier 2020

· Rouen, Education et Formation – 23 janvier 2020

· Toulouse Business School, Toulouse – 24 janvier 2020

Festivals are also announced and to be held in Annonay, Bègles, Béthune, Bourgoin-Jallieu, Chaingy, Dunkerque, Lodève, Lure, Marseille, Mulhouse, Poitiers…

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FOCUS: In order to celebrate International Day of Education, the youth scientists programme Les Savanturiers – École de la recherche (CRI) has invited all educators engaged in research projects with their students to share the key lessons that they have learnt in the past year :

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2. Shortlist of 2020 #LP Festivals across the world:

For the first edition of the #LEARNINGPLANET Festival, events are being held globally, notably in Belgium, Democratic Republic of Congo, India, Quebec and Singapore.

Moreover, the UNESCO global network of Learning Cities – many of which have long been organising learning festivals throughout the year – also chose to synchronise the organisation of a series of celebrations on January 24, notably in Cameroon and Egypt, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland and UK as well as in the Philippines. En savoir plus

Stay tuned! We shall share further information soon on the preparation of the 2021 edition. If you want to create your event on this occasion, please contact us.

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