What is a Planetizen?

Planetizens of all ages:

(i) care for themselves, others, and the planet, 

(ii) work together to overcome personal, local, and global challenges (including the UN’s SDGs) by mobilizing collective intelligence and technologies that can help us to become more sustainable, 

(iii) recognize our global interdependence, the limits of our planet, the vulnerability of our societies, and the complexity of our world, 

(iiii) “planetize the movement,” in the words of Martin Luther King, Jr., as well as our thinking, actions, rights, institutions, celebrations, and ability to decide together how on Earth we’re going to live together.

Read the Learning Planetizen Manifesto here.

Discover a selection of events exploring  planetizenship at the LearningPlanet Festival!

From Citizenship to Planetizenship; Interviews and Talks on LPTV, January 24, 15:00-15:30 CET

By LearningPlanet Festival

What if we were the first generation of Planetizens?

The pressing challenges we face today are borderless and the sense of belonging to one single planet could -finally- favour the emergence of different pathways for our societies. Let’s rethink the concept of global citizenship and take action for the new concept of Planetizenship – encompassing citizens, youth and all living species – to become a reality. 

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​​From Citizenship to Planetizenship – Panel Discussion, January 24, 16:00-16:45 CET

By LearningPlanet Festival

Following a series of keynotes and interviews about Planetizenship, this panel discussion will explore how this new concept can actually be implemented to face the challenges of our times. 

Together with our guest speakers, we shall explore multiple ways for Planetizens of all ages to unite to  (i) learn to care for oneself, others, and the planet, (ii) work together to overcome personal, local, and global challenges by mobilising collective intelligence and technologies (iii) ultimately adopt new narratives around Planetizenship thus allowing 2,6 billion youth to join forces with citizens and play an active role in designing better futures.

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Educating for Planetizenship: How Can We Make University for the Planet?, January 25 2023 14:00 CET

By Global Education Futures

The world today faces enormous challenges that jeopardize our collective future. We need to accelerate human collaboration and wisdom to match the pace of the Great Acceleration of technological development and the environmental footprint, and discover ways to transit to the paradigm of regeneration and wisdom. We need to become planetizens of the world. Education systems appear to be a pathway to create the planetizenship widespread – however this promise is not fulfilled.

What if we can craft a learning system that is truly inclusive and participatory? How can we create a space for people with extreme insights and spiritual capacities to put them on the clear path, provide them with safe space and conditions for their success? How can such a system be practically organised?

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From Citizens to Planetizens: Mobilizing the Power of Socially Engaged Art to Reimagine Climate Futures, January 25 16:00-17:00 CET
By Arizona State University

The workshop will bring together educators, artists, and student leaders to share their visions for how shifting our perspectives from citizenship to planetizenship might undo hierarchies and borders, engaging across gender, age, class, race, ability, species, machines, and matter in order to collectively remake our planetary futures. Join us to explore the power of artistic practice as a process of unlearning and learning anew as we begin to radically reimagine and re-build relationships with one another and planetizens of all kinds – human, animal, spirit, vegetal, microbial, mineral, AI/machinic, along with landscapes, cityscapes, skyscapes, and waterscapes.

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Global Model UN : From Citizenship to Planetizenship, January 27-28 (launch at 13:00 CET on 27 January)

By The Dais and partners

The Dais Global Voices Model United Nations 2023 envisions a global community of youth working collectively as well as locally, (virtually and in situ) to co-create solutions towards the problems that the world is facing today as well as the future. The Model UN is being hosted by The Dais & Learning Planet Institute with several key partners with the theme, ‘ From Citizenship to Planetizenship’.

The Model UN Conference is being hosted by the Partners as part of the #LearningPlanet Festival 2023 (https://www.learning-planet.org/) with its theme, ‘Learning to take care of oneself, others and the planet’. Participation is free for all youth between 14 – 25 years and the sessions will be held on Zoom.

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Planetizens in Art, Saturday January 28 18:30-19:30 CET

By students at the Learning Planet Institute

It is about time to vocalize, to truly democratize, and learn to Planetize. We must become planetizens, Zen Citizens, under the planet’s eyes! Lets share what being a Planetizen is, what would it change, and how could we strive to become one? Altogether, we bring planetizens around the world together, for a better tomorrow! #Planetizen

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