In the lead-up to the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) 2023, we asked our LearningPlanet Youth Fellows: What are your hopes for this upcoming event? We received numerous responses around climate education – read on to hear directly from our Youth Fellows around the world!

What are the Youth Fellows’ hopes for UNGA 2023?

The world is facing an existential crisis in the form of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Scientific progress is not a limiting factor in solving the crisis. Instead, incentivization for scientific endeavors is the key deterrent.

While progress is being attempted in the realm of AMR in humans, animals and the environment, the plant sector has completely been overlooked. I would like the UNGA to focus its attempts on an action-oriented plan for tackling AMR crisis, especially in plants. Plants are the primary food-producing source. Global food security is facing a big crisis. We have to act now. It is One World, our world; one health, our health.

Image of Youth Fellow, Vedanth, who shares his hopes for UNGA 2023.
Vedanth, India
Image of Youth Fellow, Alexandra 'Zandy'.
Alexandra “Zandy”, United States of America

I hope that there is a focus on climate-aware education for K-12 students.

“The LearningPlanet Alliance’s involvement at the United Nations General Assembly highlights the significance of collaboration and collective action in promoting climate education. Through partnerships, advocacy, and resource-sharing, the Alliance can amplify the impact of climate education initiatives and drive greater awareness and engagement among students and educators.

By prioritizing climate education, the alliance can contribute to building a generation of informed and environmentally conscious individuals who are equipped to tackle climate change-related issues and advocate for sustainable practices at local, national and global levels.”

Image of Youth Fellow, Dina.
Dina, Kenya