Every year on 5 October, World Teachers’ Day celebrates teachers’ efforts in transforming education around the world, while acknowledging the support and resources they need to excel in their vocation as well as reevaluating the way forward for this profession. At the LearningPlanet Alliance, we strive to highlight and hear from teachers leading the way forward from all over the world. Read on to meet Ravi Shankar Tiwari from Varanasi, India, who is the founder of Muni Public School, a platform to nurture, mentor, guide & train our next generation and equip them academically, vocationally, socially, competitively and morally. 

Who / what are your sources of inspiration?

During his corporate tenure, he saw that industries were facing issues in getting skilled human power with the right attitude, communication skills, and leadership skills. He also noticed that today’s curriculum was not focused on future technology. Moreover, there are various issues that world is facing due to wrong mindsets/ behaviours/ cultures of people, which is not focused in schools / colleges.

The root cause of all this is primary education, as it is more focused on subject knowledge (skills), which is done by cramming instead of understanding the material. We need to nurture children as global leaders and must focus on peaceful co-existence, so that they can make this world more beautiful by living good quality lives. We have to channel their energy in right direction, so that they can be creative for the world.

How do you and other teachers involve kids this age on such topics?

We have developed our Muni Methodology where children learn all of these qualities by practicing daily activities. They sit in groups & learn things through discussion. We have a buddy system, in which they take care of their friends. We have a kitchen garden and pet section, which is taken care of by our students only. We have a parliamentary system, where students run the school and they are responsible for taking care of guests who visit the school.

They also learn how to raise their voice on the right platform. We celebrate innovation days by planting the seeds of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. They play storytelling games and get encouraged to write their own stories. We encourage students to prepare well-planned daily routines and to motivate themselves, which leads to their success. They enroll themselves in skill learning workshops and visit different skill institutions / factories on educational tours.

What’s the best advice your students have given you? 

They feel that they should be appreciated and honoured for their learning and work. We must not doubt the capabilities and energy of these students. They want respect and attention. We must believe in their potential and they will surely surpass our expectations!

Are you optimistic about the future?

Yes. After receiving the right nurturing, these kids will change the world. They will say no to the wrong politics and ethics once they get the right education. We have seen examples of different students at our school who take their work seriously and do justice to it. They are always ready to help others in achieving their goals and they are open to different cultures. They respect diversity. They are equals with different children who come from different family backgrounds.  

Meet Ravi

Mr. Ravi Shankar Tiwari has a Post Graduate Degree in Computer Science & has done a Management Development Programme (MDP) from the Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode (IIMK). He started his career with NIIT Ltd. (An an Indian MNC, working in Software & Education Field) in 2005. Later, he switched to CMS Info System Pvt. Ltd. (running through Blackstone Group Inc., an American MNC) in 2010, where he was taking care of the Training Division of the Northern India Region.

After 12 years of rich corporate experience, he has started his path to showcase the right education system to create a better world. If you talk about the current education system, most of the time it’s about data transfers or mugging up things. This is not fruitful in real life. Also, this will not be helpful in the future, when some 80% of current job profiles will vanish.

Also, the schools that claim that they are giving the best education are costly and not affordable for low/middle-income families. The focus of education must be to create character. It must give values and morals. The child must be able to take the right decisions in life. If they are failing, they must have the ability to bounce back. Primary education is the perfect age for giving the right communication skills, leadership skills, emotional skills, innovation, creativity, curiosity, and connection with nature and society. To create this paradigm in children, he started “Muni Public School” (https://www.munipublicschool.org/) in 2017.

He can be reached on LinkedIn here.