Big thanks to those who joined us on 15 November for the last Imagination Circle of the year.

We got curious, playful and a little artistic about smiles. We had storytime, where we listened to the words and let our imaginations create the sounds and images. We were invited to be architects for tomorrow by building a learning planet today.

Start with a smile, follow the threads below and let us know what theme emerges for you from it all.

In kindness,

Irmin and Ed, Imagination Circle leads

To begin

Storytime: The making of IMAGI-NATION


Once upon a time, there was a troupe of dreamers who believed in magic.

It was a difficult time in the world, a time of many challenges, all woven together.

Yet they believed in magic because for many years, they had seen it at work with their own eyes and knew it was real. As real as dreams.

They had seen that “a smile, freely given, could be cause for change, hearts rearranged”.
They had seen kindness and love blossom in what looked like hopeless situations.

And so they began the journey to create a world of IMAGI-NATION, powered by hope, kindness and imagination. And a little magic.

What is IMAGI-NATION? How did they build it? Why? And how can you go there? Take a deep breath and dive into the story in this recording (Passcode: .Lz8CLUD).

Calling all architects: Let’s build a learning planet together at LearningPlanet Festival!


Take 60,000 people around the world, invite them to imagine more than 500 ways of learning to take care of themselves, each other and the planet, bring them together over four days to celebrate, learn and build together… what do you have? The LearningPlanet Festival

The Festival is gearing up, the event platform is live, and we are all invited to come and be architects for tomorrow, building together a world where humans flourish and the planet thrives.

See you there.

And finally

What makes hope? And will you go with it into your day? And into the future we are building today?

About the Imagination in Every Classroom Action Group

The action group brings together people exploring and testing imagination programmes, workshops and curriculums inside formal and informal education systems.

The goal of the action group over the next 10 years is to showcase imagination practice in the transformation of education, understand the impact of imagination in classrooms, and build a global knowledge base of imagination in pedagogy.

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