The arts play a critical role in the transformation of education by providing tools for learners globally for students to learn and express themselves. ​​We are grateful to organisations worldwide who are sharing the power of the arts at LearningPlanet Festival. Discover a selection of the events below!

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Road Map to bringing in/back arts education into public education system, January 27, 2023, 16:00-17:30 CET
By the Community Arts Network
The session will centre on a fundamental area CAN has been keenly on focused in the past year: arts education in public school systems. There is evidence of a decline in arts education in public school curricula across the globe. The increasing exclusion and marginalisation of the arts in public school classrooms has far-reaching impacts on whole child development and on communities. It’s an issue that requires attention and action – and the motivation for our event. This session will explore the root causes and contributing challenges to developing arts education in public education, as well as potential solutions.
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Artistic Research for Future Challenges, January 27, 16:00-17:30 CET
Organised by A2RU 
In recent years, a growing number of researchers from the field of the Arts, are developing, in and beyond academia, innovative approaches to address the future and its critical challenges, such as the environment, post-coloniality or technologies, and have an increased impact on society.
The arts are a universal language. In our education systems and research methodologies, these essential tools and perspectives the arts offer have been underutilized. This group of creative futurists and arts-integrated researchers are working to re-integrate the arts to benefit learning and understanding of the earth and each other. Artists and creatives are known for methods that are speculative, non-reductive, and attend to both humanistic and natural concerns. This session will explore the promise and the power of the arts to address systemic problems.
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From Citizens to Planetizens: Mobilizing the Power of Socially Engaged Art to Reimagine Climate Futures, January 25 16:00-17:00 CET
Organised by Arizona State University
The workshop will bring together educators, artists, and student leaders to share their visions for how shifting our perspectives from citizenship to planetizenship might undo hierarchies and borders, engaging across gender, age, class, race, ability, species, machines, and matter in order to collectively remake our planetary futures. Join us to explore the power of artistic practice as a process of unlearning and learning anew as we begin to radically reimagine and re-build relationships with one another and planetizens of all kinds – human, animal, spirit, vegetal, microbial, mineral, AI/machinic, along with landscapes, cityscapes, skyscapes, and waterscapes.
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Reconnective leadership and Social Arts – Opening session of the ImaginAction Global Mentoring Program 2023, 25 January 13:00 CET
Organised by  Imaginaction Mentoring
Reconnective leadership connects people with their gifts, recognizes the body and Nature as sources of knowledge and wellbeing, and heals the division and sense of separation among us. In the session, you will hear and learn from reconnective leadership and social art projects in Colombia and worldwide and have a chance to connect as a global network of educators and leaders of change. The event opens a new reconnective leadership program that offers community leaders and creators an opportunity to see and be seen in their gifts and talents, cultivating listening, trust, and care.
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Songwork Gathering: Sing Back Hope!, January 27, 12:00-13:00
Organised by The London Interdisciplinary School
Songwork is a practice of group singing to build community, hold space for life-affirming conversations, and help people reconnect with local ecosystems. The ‘TLC’ approach to songwork, developed by Dr Ash Brockwell, uses songs to bring people together through circles of Talking, Listening and Co-Creating. The Circle of Talking is a sharing circle in which participants can be present with their own and other people’s emotions, without judging or attempting to ‘fix’ them, and the Circle of Listening provides an opportunity for quiet reflection. The Circle of Co-Creating helps participants work together to bring something new into being – whether it’s an artwork, a strategy, an event plan, a vision, or just a shared sense of purpose. This will be an experiential session that you can join online or in person. We invite you to sing if you feel ready, hum along with the tune, or just listen to the songs and join the conversation.
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Artivism More Than Just Art! & Stories from Albania, January 27, 18:00-19:00 CET
Organised by MasterPeace
Artivism has been said to have originated in Los Angeles in the late ’60s. However, Steve Lambert of The Center of Artistic Activism reflects that “there was always something that came before. When you start looking closely, every successful activist movement involves creativity, culture, and innovation. Artivism, as the name suggests, combines the words ‘Art’ and ‘Activism’. It refers to when art is used as a form of protest/expression or simply provokes action. We will showcase examples from the Artivists Stafetë project running for 30 months with many lessons learnt from working of Artivism. 
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The Gift of Poetry, 28 January, 11:30-12:30 CET
Organised by Slam Out Loud
Join us in a workshop that will take you on an experiential journey of writing a poem that you can share with someone you love dearly. What if we told you that this process of creating poetry could help you find your voice? This activity also helps in understanding the importance of creating safe spaces for children through art. The workshop will be followed by a beautiful poetry performance by our students!
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Planetizens in Art, Saturday January 28 18:30-19:30 CET
By students at the Learning Planet Institute
It is about time to vocalize, to truly democratize, and learn to Planetize. We must become planetizens, Zen Citizens, under the planet’s eyes! Lets share what being a Planetizen is, what would it change, and how could we strive to become one? Altogether, we bring planetizens around the world together, for a better tomorrow! #Planetizen
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