WISR: From moments of wonder to regenerative mindsets

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Organised by Coconut Thinking

We will delve into the WISR framework with a community of co-creators (you!). The WISR framework is about moments to mindsets. It is designed to our shift our responses so that more ecologically-regenerative futures may emerge. The letters “WISR'' stand for Wonder, Intra-action, Sustainability, and Regeneration. WISR is not meant to be a prescriptive model, rather it is an invitation to take learning deeper through embodied and connected experiences in and with the natural world. This is a call to respond to the climate crisis, but also the socio-economic and cultural crises, through the ripples that local engagement initiates. This session is intended for those looking to create spaces where learning happens from the inside, nourished in the environment we provide. It is about re-connecting with the natural world, using WISR as a guide to create these spaces and be with the world, others, and ourselves in a plurality of ways. Find our more on www.wisr.life.

Jan 25, 2023

From 12:00 to 13:00 - UTC

Online event


Sustainable Development Goals

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