The Need for a Global Education Vision

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Mass education is a young invention in human history. Education systems today are nationally (or regionally) governed and driven. Arguably, this has served in the development of each nation’s workforce as well as the promotion of a sense of nationhood but has it also disconnected us? Is it time for a Global Education Vision that would promote a shared understanding of learning, acceptance of differences, and goals for cooperation across national borders, for the sake of all children and young people who live in an increasingly interconnected world? What are the challenges of the current construct for education systems? Why do we need a Global Education Vision? How could it influence current education systems? Adopting a globalized approach rooted in local agency is a key to a sustainable shared approach in education, write Dr. Pilvi Torsti, Vishal Talreja, and Joanne McEachen.
Read more: https://www.diplomaticourier.com/posts/why-we-need-a-global-education-vision

Jan 24, 2023

From 16:30 to 17:30 - UTC

Online event


Pilvi Torsti

State Secretary, Ministry of Transport and Communications

Pilvi Torsti

Sustainable Development Goals

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