Reframing Role of Research for Society – Invitation to BRIDGES Coalition by Club of Rome

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Organised by The Club of Rome

How can research best address the challenges we face today? Academia, more specifically academic research as it exists now is losing the ability to address the crises of today. And the issues we face are linked to the limitations of our ways of thinking and understanding our place in the world. Hence addressing them requires convening all sources of knowledge and creativity.

A transformation in the pathway of research can only happen when transdisciplinary models of thinking and community-driven research initiatives are considered to be the mainstream.

The BRIDGES Coalition for Sustainability Science supported by UNESCO is an outstanding initiative by a large number of partners working together towards the reframing of research to serve humanity in ways attuned to the magnitude of the challenges.

The Club of Rome invites you to a joint session with BRIDGES as an introduction to the work being done and a discussion on what comes next.

Jan 24, 2023

From 14:00 to 16:00 - UTC

Online event


Steven Hartman

Founding Executive Director, BRIDGES Sustainability Science Coalition

Steven Hartman

Luiz Oosterbeek

President, International Council for Philosophy and Human Sciences

Luiz Oosterbeek

Sustainable Development Goals

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