Learning from Flourish! a youth learning journey towards climate resilience and regeneration

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Organised by One Resilient Earth

One Resilient Earth co-designed and organized ‘Flourish! a youth learning journey towards climate resilience and regeneration’, for youth and with youth, from September to November 2022. Flourish! consisted in a series of interactive online workshops and a community platform through which over 160 young people listened to life stories, and to each other, and acquired new methods and tools to tackle eco-anxiety and the unavoidable impacts of climate change, think about futures differently, address climate colonialism, stay with the trouble and the not knowing, and grow learning and caring communities through permaculture and compassion. Flourish! brought together young people from around the world and mobilized both visual and performance arts as a channel for a radical social and cultural transformation. A video series of the key messages of the learning journey is coming up in January 2023, and the online community platform can be joined. You are welcome to join us as we disc

Jan 26, 2023

From 12:30 to 13:30 - UTC

Online event


Laureline Simon

Founder and Executive Director, One Resilient Earth, One Resilient Earth

Laureline Simon

Sustainable Development Goals

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