Imagination TV – Nonviolence, peacebuilding

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Organised by Céliane De Luca

Imagination is the beginning of human thought and action; action drives change. We want to see imagination in action to transform education, and we’re inviting you to be part of the change. Join this series of Imagination TV sessions hosted specially for the LearningPlanet Festival, to hear from communities around the world using imagination to rethink the challenges of our time.

In this second episode of the Imagination TV series, we explore solutions for building peace through imagination. Johan Galtung, a principal founder of modern day peace studies, coined the term ‘peacebuilding’ in 1975, describing it as a process that would profoundly shift the structural causes of violence. Galtung also coined the concept of ‘positive peace’, built by mutual cooperation, social justice, harmony and imagination.

To truly transcend the conflict of our times, current and past, we need to harness the immense power of imagination to build peace and a better future together. In this spirit, join a selection of inspiring voices, who, in the middle of conflict, seek solutions through their imagination. Hear their ideas and testimonies of using such imaginative thinking to strive for peace as individuals, and in their communities.

Jan 26, 2023

From 09:00 to 10:00 - UTC

Online event


Webster Zambara

Senior Project Leader, Institute for Justice and Reconciliation (IJR)

Webster Zambara

Sustainable Development Goals

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