Human Security for All: Creating conditions for Peaceful Futures

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In collaboration with the World Academy of Art and Science, this session explores evolving approaches to Human Security, prioritizing harmony in human coexistence and our relationship with nature. We delve into the Peaceful Futures project, seeking pathways to global peace over the next half-century. Join us as we discuss the pivotal role of cultural change and education in establishing the foundations for a peaceful future and universal human security.
This session is held in the support of a global campaign on Human Security for All.

Session pre-read: “Peace: The Ultimate Condition and the Goal of Human Security” by Pavel Luksha (ссылка http://cadmusjournal.org/article/volume-5-issue-2/peace-for-hs)

Oct 20, 2023

From 15:00 to 16:00 - UTC

Online event


Robyn Whittaker
Robyn Whittaker

Co-Founder / Country Lead, Africa Voices Dialogue / The NetEdu Project

Sustainable Development Goals

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