Educating for Planetizenship: How Can We Make University for the Planet?

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(ZoomPwd: 2023)
Enormous challenges jeopardize our collective future and require us to accelerate human collaboration and wisdom to match the pace of Great Acceleration of tech development and the environmental footprint. We need to become planetizens of the world – and education systems could be a pathway to spread the planetizenship – however the promise isn’t fulfilled. We need to find ways to fast-track systems that will allow every talent in the world shine, that can raise our planetary identity, that will be inclusive and appealing to every human and to non-human life.
What if we can craft a learning system that is truly inclusive and participatory? How can we create a space for people with extreme insights and spiritual capacities to put them on the clear path, provide them with safe space and conditions for their success? How can such a system be practically organized – and what can be its organizational and economic model?

Jan 25, 2023

From 14:00 to 15:15 - UTC

Online event


Sustainable Development Goals

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