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This page offers spaces to share and learn about the best knowhow, resources and methods to help learners to reflect, learn, and act together to address local and global challenges. The first section is devoted to theoretical ground, the second presents toolkits to organize workshops and adapt courses while the third presents a map of incoming events.

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Transformation in practice: #LearningPlanet Toolkits

How do you organize a workshop to help participants take action against climate change? Or a K12 program to introduce research methodology to kids? Or an online programme to help adult learners identify and defend the causes most meaningful to them? This section welcomes toolkits to help organize activities relevant for developing skills necessary for confronting challenges, such as: critical thinking, collaboration, collective intelligence, creativity, learning by doing, social and emotional intelligence, reflexivity, frugal innovation, etc.

EN_Earth Speakr Toolkits
By Studio Olafur Eliasson
EN : Creating a Purpose Ecosystem
By Ikigai Lab
Design-athon workshop, SDG 7: Tackle Global Warming
By Designathon Works
What World do you want in 2030?
By World's Largest Lesson


Tomorrow's citizens must learn to act in a sustainable and inclusive way in a changing world. To prepare this generation and the next to fight climate change, protect biodiversity or tackle inequalities, higher education institutions (HEIs) must transform the way they learn, teach and do research. The European Universities Initiative recommends setting up interdisciplinary working modalities and project-based approaches to solve challenges in the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), to foster student inclusion and participation.

CRI and Res publica propose, based on their respective experiences (notably the organisation of the Convention Citoyenne du Climat), to prototype and then deploy a method and tools to help HEIs that wish to do so to develop their transformation strategy in a participatory manner, involving all their stakeholders. This process is designed to be implemented either autonomously or with the support of its designers.

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