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Ideas and talks

Dr. Kirsten Dunlop, EIT Climate-KIC, discusses the interdependent relationship between learning and innovation, underscoring the need to invest time in understanding ourselves.

David Atchoarena, UNESCO’s Institute for Lifelong Learning, explains the concept, culture, and need of lifelong learning as a key to achieving the SDGs on local and global levels.

Sarah Dalglish, WHO-UNICEF-Lancet Commission, presents the “Future for the World’s Children?”, a report to reposition every aspect of child health through the lens of our changing world.

Mark Ritchie, Global Minnesota, explains the value of the SDGs in connecting people and their vision, mission, & passion, and the importance of technology to share & learn about cultures.

Transformation in practice: #LearningPlanet Toolkits

This section welcomes toolkits to help organize activities relevant for developing skills necessary for confronting challenges, such as: critical thinking, collaboration, collective intelligence, creativity, learning by doing, social and emotional intelligence, reflexivity, frugal innovation, etc.

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The Youth Empowerment Circle
From youth perspectives to youth empowerment
#LearningPlanet Community of Facilitators
Sharing best tools, methods and practices for facilitating learning experiences to tackle global challenges.
How might we facilitate creativity in teacher training?
LCE Cameroon
How might we facilitate meaningful connections between people, ideas and disciplines in a cohort of 100+ students?
By London Interdisciplinary School