Share your projects to increase impact
Use Projects platform to showcase inspiring efforts for common good, facilitate synergies and collaboration.
Key features available to learning communities.

Reviewable code

Lightweight, secure, and intuitive tools built in a transparent way.

Rich project documentation

Organise your project into segments, add goals, link to SDGs and more.

Intuitive collaboration features

Add team members and external resources, control your privacy and update your community via micro blogging.

Effective public announcements

Easily recruit participants, volunteers, interns or promote available opportunities and broadcast them to the entire community.

Granular and fast search

Get inspired and explore projects by title, tags, location or collaborators.

Geolocated projects and impact results

Look at specific geographic areas to find active projects and teams or to explore past-results.

Advanced Wikipedia integration

Explore and create projects using wikipedia concepts in any language.

Transparent public discussions

Allow for public conversations on your project page or contribute to other projects by sharing your feedback.

Use cases and testimonials

Find out how "Projects" is making a difference for organizations/communities across various sectors and disciplines.

Bachelor's degree internship semester FdV. In charge of the formations of Biomimicry in France.
Réduire l'impact écologique de notre famille
Learning After COVID
For an extraordinary academic year 2020-2021: Inviting learners to rethink their rights & education in the World After

For Education

Student associations/club projects, academic interest and self-study groups.

PROJECTS allow me to link different actions across asignments. The comments section allows readers to ask for more information and to give me their thoughts on what they'd like to read. I was able to create my own illustrated logbook and this allowed my readers to discover precisely the implementation and expansion of biomimicry. - Elise Buard, Student L3, Internship at CEEBIOS

For Research

Research labs, citizen science initiatives, open-source challenges.

High impact research tends to be interdisciplinary, with multiple stakeholders involved in its co-construction. But far too often knowledge and communities are siloed in disciplines, and communication with other stakeholders is difficult. Projects platform helps to easily showcase impactful research, to easily find collaborators across disciplines, and to easily collaborate with the stakeholders that need your research. - Ignacio Atal, Profs Chercheurs

For Social Innovation

Companies and public institutions willing to engage the public into collaborative action.

While we need to find ways to combat the health crisis itself, we also need to create civic methods of overcoming the crisis of uncertainty. Thanks to "Projects Platform" many communities can do a lot in preventing negative social and economic consequences of covid19 crisis by taking action and working together - Tudor Tarlev,

For personal SDG projects

Independent collectives and activists tackling critical social challenges.

Our project: become an eco-responsible family. With PROJECTS, we can easily share our actions about food, transportation, housing, recycling and buying practices, and hopefully inspire others to change, one household at a time! - Anne Mistral, family member

Get projects for your community/organization

Please fill in the contact form. We will come back to you within 48h.

Free for non-profit organisations and communities which pursue goals for common good and engage to publish many well-documented projects. This offer holds in the limit of our capacities to provide a decent service. Therefore, you can also support the development process within your means to enable us to provide this service for as many non-profits as possible.

For private companies, we will discuss the pricing with you depending on your needs once you have filled the contact form.

Got questions?

We compiled the most frequent onboarding questions and put them in a list to help you out.

What exactly can I do with this platform, are there any introductions?

Besides the feature list from above, we have made a tutorial video and there are 3 parts:

You can watch them algother here.

How can I claim an existing project that belongs to my community?

If there is an existing project that was submitted on the open Learning Planet Platform before the creation of your own portal, and that you now want to move to your dedicated sub-community portal, you can do it in two steps:

  1. Make sure you have edit rights for that project. Contact the existing project team to get access - they will need to add you as a project manager;
  2. Click on “option and tools” then “advanced” to move the project across different subcommunities.
How could I contact a project team?

Go to the homepage of project you are interested in and open the team tab. Click on a team member box to view her detailed profile, including contact information and office location.