The celebration of all the participants:

All the participants in the Conversation with the Little Prince writing contest will be celebrated on the occasion of International Day of Education, 24 January 2021, as part of the #LearningPlanet Festival. From 22 to 24 January 2021, schools and other organizations (associations, writing workshops, etc.) that participated in the competition will be invited to schedule local and/or online readings of the texts written by their students and/or members. Parents, friends and relatives will thus have the opportunity to discover the richness of the many imaginary conversations and to celebrate the talent of the young people who have taken up this creative challenge.

The 60 finalists and 6 laureates will be particularly honoured on International Day of Education 2021 as part of the online celebration of this event (see #LearningPlanet Festival) and, health conditions permitting, at the Festival to be held in Paris, orchestrated in partnership with UNESCO.

The publication of the texts of the 60 finalists:

The texts in 6 languages of the 60 finalists will be published in the same digital collection entitled “Conversations with The Little Prince”. This publication will be relayed on the organisers’ websites and social networks, which together are likely to reach millions of potential readers around the world.

For the 6 laureates, an invitation to visit the World Expo in Dubai (2021-2022) :

In addition to highlighting their conversations in the digital collection “Conversations with The Little Prince” and on social networks, each laureate will be invited to discover the next major World Expo, which will be held between October 2021 and April 2022 in Dubai.

The detailed programme of this visit (dates, proposed activities, associated events) will be unveiled at the official announcement of the competition results.