Conversation with The Little Prince
Writing Contest

Imagine that the Little Prince is Back!

Recently, the Little Prince visited a girl during lockdown to check in on her, just like he did decades ago with a pilot lost in the desert. We weren't there to hear what the two discussed, but maybe you can imagine their conversation.

Do you think they had time to talk about her fears, her dreams or her hopes for our planet? Did the Little Prince share with her some of his magical wisdom? Maybe he told her what he has been up to since the last time we heard from him?

Please write down and send us the conversation you imagine. Next January 24th, on International Day of Education, we will share across the world some of the most inspiring stories to celebrate youth and creativity!

Submission Form

Entries can be submitted in French and English until the 30th of November midnight GMT. The conversation must not exceed 5000 characters (space included).

*Anyone born after 1/1/1995 can participate.


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Next steps

By September 2020, we aim to extend the possibility to participate in the contest in the 4 other UN languages: Arabic, Chinese, Russian and Spanish. If you can help us review entries in these languages, or if eventually you want to actively help us add more languages, please get in touch with us by filling out the form below.

In the coming months, we shall also publish several updates and teacher resources, to help more children across the world in joining the writing contest. We would welcome any organisation vested in education (e.g.: network of schools) to play an active role in the contest and to become an official partner. If you are willing to support us in this regard, please fill out the form below and share your proposals with us.