Conversation with The Little Prince

Writing contest

The Little Prince visited a girl during lockdown to check in on her, just like he did decades ago with a pilot lost in the desert. We weren't there to hear what the two discussed, but maybe we can imagine their conversation… Participants under the age of 25 were invited to share their contributions in the writing contest hosted by #LearningPlanet in partnership with Fondation Antoine de Saint Exupéry, Labo des histoires and UNESCO. The selected stories received international recognition this past International Day of Education (24 January 2021).

This Trailer is available in the 6 United Nations languages:

Arabic | Chinese | English | French | Russian | Spanish

Meet the 6 laureates


Note: The video by Serena Kaddoum (winner in Arabic) is coming soon

Chinese Winner: Xiyuan JIN,10, China (Nanjing)

English winner: Klaudia Makowska, 16, Poland (Krakow)

French Winner: Manel Fennouche, 16, Algeria (Alger)

Spanish Winner: Vanessa Gabriela Cabrera Cárdenas, 25, Ecuador (Quito)

Russian winner: Vyacheslav Shpakov, 11, Russia (Saint Petersburg)

Meet the 54 finalists (in alphabetical order)

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