LearningPlanet is an open alliance bringing together under a shared banner educational stakeholders from around the world to disseminate the best ideas, on a local and global scale, for helping learners to collectively address the unprecedented challenges of our time.

LearningPlanet relies on its rapidly growing community of partners & members to achieve shared goals. In the past months, #LearningPlanet has developed strong links with a wide range of stakeholders: universities, schools, research institutes, third-places, cultural institutions, associations, NGOs, foundations, social entrepreneurs, national and international agencies, local authorities, startups, global companies, media groups, online communities, etc. (see initial selection of partner logos on the homepage).

We are rapidly gaining momentum and partnerships are being forged around diverse programmes that allow for individuals - educators, students, scientists, artists, decision-makers, etc. - to join forces with us.


No matter your location, organization, social and economical context, there is a way to contribute to the #LearningPlanet cause and our growing community of learners and educators