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Significant financial resources are dedicated to solving humanity’s most pressing problems. 22 of the largest philanthropic foundations worldwide provided more than USD 6.1 billion for development work in 2017; in that same year, total development assistance from public and private actors in the 30 member states of the OECDDevelopment Assistance Committee (DAC) amounted to USD 434 billion. However, solving these problems requires long-term support that goes beyond activity-based funding and approaches that tackle the root cause – i.e., approaches that aim to change systems. To make optimum use of the funds available, it is necessary to introduce the systems change approach to organizations involved in the sector and to share best practice insights.

This report is, therefore, a collaborative effort of funders, intermediaries, and systems change leaders who aim to send a signal to the social sector funding community – including philanthropists, foundations, impact investors, corporate donors, government agencies, and multilateral organizations – that current practices need to evolve to better support systems change leaders.