As partners of the upcoming LearningPlanet Festival (24 – 28 January 2023), you are key in co-creating the Festival’s programme as well as spreading the news! To make this easier, we have created a communications kit that will be enriched in the weeks to come. Thank you in advance for sharing information about the Festival with your community.

What will you find in this manual:

  • Links to ready-made communications and social media posts
  • Background information

Ready-made communications and social media posts are available to enable anyone to easily promote the Festival and free tickets to their communities and networks.

Access the communications kit to find:

The weekly Festival newsletter

Weekly Festival newsletters feature our partners as well as highlight confirmed speakers and events. You may also find:

  • Updates of upcoming highlights and what to look forward to
  • Information on how to participate and meet other Festival goers
  • Easy access to recording of events in case you missed them, or want to share them with friends.

Would you like your event, story, and/or featured speaker to be featured in next week’s edition? Contact Réka Lodinsky, Communications Project Manager: [email protected].

Social media channels

These channels include LearningPlanet’s dedicated Festival website, social media channels and global mailing lists. Please hashtag #LearningPlanet and tag the LearningPlanet Alliance in all of your communications.


Twitter: @learningplanet_

Instagram: @learningplanet_

LinkedIn: @learningplanetorg


Primary hashtags for all communications are:




Background information

The LearningPlanet Festival’s team will run a campaign to maximise participation in the Festival and to promote our partners’ participation, events and speakers. 

Running simultaneously in both English & French, the campaign is built around: 

  • social media posts & stories, using bespoke Festival graphics
  • regular publication of articles & videos highlighting events, speakers and partners
  • dedicated LinkedIn events 
  • a dedicated Festival newsletter, published daily during the Festival 
  • a trailer video

Other resources

Still have a question? Contact us!

We will be happy to answer any questions: learning-planet-festival@bengal34_2gnmpc

About the LearningPlanet Festival

Since its launch in January 2020, the LearningPlanet Festival has been a free, open-to-all event dedicated to celebrating education and lifelong learning. This year, we are bringing the world together on the International Day of Education, January 24, and for 5 consecutive days, with over 500 online and onsite events worldwide.

We celebrate the accomplishments made in the field by the growing community supporting and driving the transformation needed to enable us to take better care of ourselves, each other and our planet through this year’s core themes. With over 300 Alliance partners worldwide, the Festival explores new ways of learning, teaching, researching, and making an impact in light of complex societal and environmental challenges.

By highlighting the extraordinary diversity of actors and learning territories that are engaged at the local, national and international levels, this annual gathering nurtures a culture of hope and engagement.

Coordinated by the Learning Planet Institute, the Festival exists and thrives through
your contributions. We are here to provide you with the tools, structure, visibility and
international outreach to make sure your voices are heard. The LearningPlanet Festival 2023 calls on our Alliance members – and more broadly, all Planetizens – to join, for our 4th edition starting on the International Day of Education (24 January), and running until 28 January.