LearningPlanet Circles bring together organisations committed to the same thematic priorities. They are dedicated spaces advancing the dialogue among a diverse set of stakeholders (institutions, educators, social entrepreneurs, committed citizens and youth…) and creating and/or supporting impactful projects. Discover our circles below!

Youth Empowerment Circle

Co-led by LearningPlanet, CAP-2030 and Catalyst 2030

Collaborating to connect inspirational youth game changers and initiatives across health, sustainability, rights and education.

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Teachers for the Planet Circle

Co-led by LearningPlanet, the Aga Khan Foundation, and Teach for All

The official long-term road to COP28 for the advancement of climate action and leadership through education: a global community of practice for members of the Teachers for the Planet programme – teachers, school and system-level leaders in climate and education who meet throughout the year to discuss and debate solutions for the future of the planet.

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Ubuntu Learning Circle

Co-led by LearningPlanet and The Club of Rome

Bringing together a small working group of committed actors who are active in place-based learning and sustainability initiatives in Africa.

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Imagination Circle

Co-led by LearningPlanet and AIME

Bringing together people exploring and testing imagination programmes, workshops and curriculums inside formal and informal education systems.  


Transitions in Higher Education Circle

Co-led by Co-led by LearningPlanet and University Design Institute (ASU)

Charting possible avenues for collaboration between higher education institutions, to collectively shape a vision of higher education for the 21st century. In circle sessions, members share their experiences implementing new ways of learning and doing research to better address the challenges of our time.

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