Amplifying youth voice and agency

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Welcome to the Youth Action Group

This action group brings together institutions, practitioners, scientists, artists, activists, and youth who are working to amplify the voices of young people internationally, especially in the areas of learning, rights, sustainability and health. It's is more than just a movement. It is a global community of young gamechangers determined to change the world for the better!

Our Purpose

  • Connecting the LearningPlanet Youth Fellows

    This is the entry point for young individuals into the LearningPlanet community, where they can be connected to emblematic partner events, training opportunities and moments to connect with fellow engaged youth.

  • Powered by the Youth Council

    The Council is composed of 20 members of the Youth Fellows, and was formed with the goal of truly putting the leadership and strategic decisions of the action group in the hands of the youth themselves.

  • Supported by youth organisations

    There are 50+ youth organisations engaged in collaborative actions to support young gamechangers across youth learning, rights, sustainability and health.

What the members are saying


“People should join the amazing community to be INSPIRED. I am thankful for this community for giving me the opportunity to collaborate with incredible, diligent people and to learn from them.”

— Natanya, Youth Fellow


“Participating in the Youth Fellows community provides us, the younger generation, an opportunity to have our voice heard, and thus, make some changes.”

— Lingyun, Youth Fellow


“Everyone has a unique background, a unique skill to share and a willingness to learn from one another. This makes it the perfect place to showcase your work and talent and at the same time receiving support from others.”

— Obadia, Youth Fellow


“The Youth Fellows community is hands down one of the best young-people safe spaces you will ever find. There is no judgment here, there is no fear here and best of all, you get motivated to hack all the projects!”

— Miya, Youth Fellow

More about the co-leads

Catalyst 2030 logo

Catalyst 2030 is a fast-growing global movement of people and organisations committed to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS) by 2030.


CAP-2030 works to build coalitions for action for children in all sectors in key focus countries, with leadership from governments, ministries, academics, civil society and other stakeholders.


The LearningPlanet Alliance and its global network of 600+ game changers and institutions are committed to joining forces to better take care of ourselves, others and the planet.

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