The LearningPlanet Youth Fellows community recognises and connects inspirational game changers transforming the world through fields including education, rights, well-being and health, and sustainability. 

Discover how to become a Youth Fellow

Youth Fellows are at the core of LearningPlanet Alliance, as showcased by their participation throughout the LearningPlanet Festival. 

Discover below Youth Fellows who are speaking at the LearningPlanet Festival this year! A huge thanks to them and all youth organisations at the Festival who believe in meaningful collaboration for supporting young gamechangers worldwide (See all their sessions here!)

For the fourth edition of the LearningPlanet Festival, we are celebrating the International Day of Education by bringing you nearly 10 hours of continuous live content focused on transforming education via LPTV!

On 24 January, thanks to our dedicated LPTV channel, you’ll be able to connect and interact with speakers, panels, and sessions from around the globe and catch all our programmes: from uniting the LearningPlanet Assembly, to learning for well-being, equity, and the environment, in one single place.

Watch LPTV

  • Raven Friais : Youth Leader, Community Organizer, Philippines 
    Youth Empowerment and Well-Being – Panel Discussion and Talks ; January 24 09:40 CET
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  • Tom Ogalo, Executive Director, Jijenge Youth Organisation, Kenya
    Youth Empowerment and Well-Being – Panel Discussion ; January 24 09:40 CET
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  • Selma Bichbich; Youth leader, LearningPlanet, YOUNGO, UNEPMGCY, Together for Blue and Green, Algeria
    Accelerating the Environmental Transition Panel, January 24 12:15 CET
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  • Rio Tanabe, Member of LearningPlanet Youth Council, Japan
     From Citizenship to Planetizenship: Youth Voices Speak Up!, January 24 16:35 CET
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  • Gauri Khanna; Youth fellow and Member of KidsforSDGs, United Kingdom
    From Citizenship to Planetizenship: Youth Voices Speak Up!, January 24 16:35 CET
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Imagination TV; Wednesday to Saturday starting at 09:00 CET
Imagination is the beginning of human thought and action; action drives change. We want to see imagination in action to transform education, and we’re inviting you to be part of the change.

Join this series of Imagination TV sessions hosted specially for the LearningPlanet Festival by AIME and LearningPlanet, to hear from communities around the world using imagination to rethink the challenges of our time.

Watch Imagination TV

  • Fiston Muganda, Project Manager, LO*OP CENTER INC,  Stateless :
    Imagination TV :  Educating at the Margins
  • Wiktoria Perner; Founder of Espirit du Corps, France :
    Imagination TV : Non-violence and Peacebuilding
  • Perumal Oriele Perumal, Leadership Development Coach, South Africa: 
    Imagination TV : Wisdom and Science in the IMAGI-NATION
  • Ron Berlinski : Founder, Curiosity Learning, Netherlands
    Imagination TV : Imagination in the Classroom


  • Imane Bounouh, Founder, GRIMPE.FR, France
    Des élèves en forme – Santé mentale, éco-anxiété, 24 January, 14:00 CET
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  • Hugo Paul, Explorer & weaver, Into The Tribes, France
    Construire des ponts science-citoyenneté pour bâtir ensemble la ville de demain, January 26, 11:00 CET
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  • Binti Zani,  Coordinator, Kwale County SDSN, Kenya
    Ubuntu Learning Circle: African Youth Reinventing The Future, Januart 27, 10:00 CET
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  • Miya Redfrog, Movers Ambassador, India
    Exploring programmes for Young Gamechangers Discussion, January 28, 12:00 CET 
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  • Angel Wang, Youth Ambassador, KidsforSDGs, China
    Planetizens Take the Stage: Festival Wrap-up and Way Forward, January 28, 16:00 CET
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Self Organised Sessions