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Help #KidsDrawPeace4Ukraine on Peace Day

Help #KidsDrawPeace4Ukraine on Peace Day

What is #KidsDrawPeace4Ukraine? The #KidsDrawPeace4Ukraine project is exactly what the hashtag says: children draw pictures of hope and peace for Ukraine. The latest phase calls for doing that in the run-up to and on September 21, the  International Day of Peace. (See...

Launch of the Imagination Circle

Launch of the Imagination Circle

Ever had a new thought or idea pop into your mind and wondered, “Where did that come from?”...Probably from your imagination. Imagination is the beginning of human thought and action; action drives change. We want to see imagination in action to transform education,...

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☝️Throwback to the UN Education Summit and the Global Futures Conference with @FrancoisTaddei, Founder and President of the @lpiparis_

#transformingeducationsummit ...#transformingeducation #GF2022 @ASU @ASUCollegeofGF @GaellMainguy @learningplanet_

Comment imaginer l'école du futur ?

Une interview passionnante entre @JCCAILLIEZ et @FrancoisTaddei, Fondateur et Président du @lpiparis_ (Paris).


#ÉcoleDuFutur #Pédagogie #Apprentissage