Why? Why NOW?

There are more than 200 million students in higher education. Most students feel disengaged from the learning process but are highly concerned about world’s biggest problems and want to act.

This is the time to involve everyone in developing sustainable solutions. This is the time for building a learning planet.


The journey



Experiment and scale effective pedagogies for creative problem-solving within the SDG framework. We strive to engage students and education practitioners around the world in a massive co-creation process for sustainable solutions.


Teachers and school administration; School and higher education students; Local government bodies; Local businesses and community leaders;


Empower students by developing the problem-solving mindset; Prototype potential solutions for local and global challenges and strive to harness collective intelligence for reaching all SDG targets.


Our values



We invite ideas and contributions from every interested person or institution, there are no borders here.


Honest play

While we strive to solve complex challenges, we don’t forget about fun, and at times, few dancing moves.

Open Source

Learning Planet Planet is open and free by design. Our community deserved nothing less than absolute trust.



Data and science-backed decision making is at the core of our work. We need to engage the best we’ve got.


All our decisions and milestones and made public and stay open for review and feedback, at any time.


Lifelong Learning

We stay humble and ready to learn at any given moment. A learning planet is one that evolves daily.


Contact / Team


Gaell Mainguy

Project Lead


Victoria Maria Diez

Communication Lead

Xiuli Borius Yu

SDG Projects Lead

Tudor Tarlev

Digital Platform Lead