As we ground into this present moment, know that the ground of imagination we are caring for in this Circle will continue to sustain us as we work out how to move more in sync with the Earth in the ways we live and learn. 

Our work for this calendar year is closing, another round is about to begin.

Starting with projects co-created by members of the group!:

10-12 January – A Dream Team on re-imagining schools

A group of 10 educators, artists and activists from the Imagination in every Classroom project will be presenting their projects on re-imagining schools and some will be leading work sessions on this at the European Congress of Qualitative Inquiry in Helsinki.

10 January-30 April – Re-imagining schools art campaign

What if imagination could shape the future of education? What if your creativity could help redefine the purpose of learning? What if you could help us envision and manifest a new system for education? We invite you to reimagine schools and share your vision through any medium: A song, a poem, a drawing, a painting, a video, your choice! Be part of a global movement reimagining education for all. Let’s design the future!
Join the art campaign here.

Calling all architects: Let’s build a learning planet together at LearningPlanet Festival!


Take 60,000 people around the world, invite them to imagine more than 500 ways of learning to take care of themselves, each other and the planet, bring them together over four days to celebrate, learn and build together… what do you have? The LearningPlanet Festival

The Festival is gearing up, the event platform is live, and we are all invited to come and be architects for tomorrow, building together a world where humans flourish and the planet thrives.

24 January – ‘5 minutes for the future’ writing workshop for school students

2-3pm CET

Our first LearningPlanet Festival session of the year. A 1-hour writing workshop for school students aged 10-17 from around the world. Hosted by member Morna McNulty on Zoom. Students will get 5 writing prompts related to reimaging schools, 5 minutes of spontaneous writing on each prompt, and the chance to share and workshop together. Know any 10-17-year-olds who’d like to be involved? Let us know.
Sign up here

24 January – Re-imagining schools – IMAGI-NATION {TV} special

3:30-4:30pm CET

A 1-hour Imagination in every classroom special hosted live on IMAGI-NATION {TV} to spotlight our 6 Dream Team projects from the Helsinki research conference. We’ll be exploring questions and threads from the Helsinki work section and inviting more people into the Imagination Circle to help grow imagination in learning.
Join the session here

24 January – Imagination Embassies around the world

Various times and locations

AIME’s imagination mentors in different countries will be leading imagination activations in schools as part of the LearningPlanet Festival. We want to transform the International Day of Education into an international day of imagination. We’ll be sharing photo and video from all locations after the events.

26 January – Re-imagining funding for imagination in every classroom – IMAGI-NATION {TV} special

9-10:30am CET

A 90-minute exploration live on IMAGI-NATION {TV} of how we can re-imagine funding to fund imagination in every classroom: “Who has the imagination to see the intangible and immeasurable and fund its emergence?” With panellists working in philanthropy, education and imagination around the world.
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About the Imagination in Every Classroom Action Group

The action group brings together people exploring and testing imagination programmes, workshops and curriculums inside formal and informal education systems.

The goal of the action group over the next 10 years is to showcase imagination practice in the transformation of education, understand the impact of imagination in classrooms, and build a global knowledge base of imagination in pedagogy.

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